The Duelist, 2016

The Duelist, 2016
Returning to Saint Petersburg after a long exile, the dashing Yakovlev, a retired army officer, makes a comfortable living by winning other people's duels. An enigmatic, focused, and extremely skilled professional, he leaves a trail of dead bodies behind him as he swirls through polite society, frequently called upon to wield a pistol as a surrogate in duels at dawn. But when Yakovlev meets the na?ve young Prince Tuchov and his beautiful sister, Princess Martha, the normally cold-hearted mercenary is surprised by hitherto undetected emotions. What transpires uncovers a series of revelations about his past and his present self.

Genre : Action Drama
Casts : Franziska Petri, Pyotr Fyodorov
Movie Rate : R
Country : Russia
IMDB Score : 6.2
Metascore : 55
Runtime : 109 min