Elvis & Nixon, 2016

Elvis & Nixon, 2016
The film is based on a real-life meeting between Elvis and Richard Nixon on December 21, 1970. It all starts when Elvis (played by Michael Shannon) becomes disgusted by news images of the Vietnam War protests and the drug fueled, hippie counterculture, and decides America needs his help. So on a whim, he flies to Washington D.C. and hand delivers a 7-page letter to the White House, asking for an audience with Nixon (played by Kevin Spacey). At the meeting, Elvis hopes the president will make him “an agent at large,” so that he can go undercover for the FBI.

Genre : Comedy History
Casts : Alex Pettyfer, Kevin Spacey
Movie Rate : R
Country : USA
IMDB Score : 5.9
Metascore : NA
Runtime : 87 min